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EELHOE Hydrogel Facial Acne Patch Close-up Acne Fade Acne Mark Repair Cleansing (20pcs)

EELHOE Hydrogel Facial Acne Patch Close-up Acne Fade Acne Mark Repair Cleansing (20pcs)

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【Ingredients】Made of 100% medical-grade hydrocolloid gel. Clinically tested, allergy tested, and UV sterilized. Each box comes with 5 hydrocolloid patches for oily/combo acne-prone skin types.

【More Coverage for Bigger Breakouts】Take on major breakouts with our Hydrocolloid Face Patch, the first hydrocolloid mask with five gunk-absorbing XL pimple patches to reduce the look of acne overnight — so your whole face looks clearer in the AM.

【Key Benefits】Covers 5 Key Acne Zones: Specially contoured to fit forehead, nose, chin, and both cheeks. Handle a whole breakout area with a single patch overnight, or combine all five for a full-face mask moment.

【Easy to Use】Reduces the Look of Pimples In 6-8 Hours: Our mega-powerful hydrocolloid effortlessly absorbs the gunk from whiteheads and protects skin as your pimples are healing. No picking or popping required.

【Exclusive After Sales Service】We support our product quality and provide 24 hour exclusive customer service. If you are not satisfied with it, please feel free to contact us for a refund or replacement. At the same time, if you encounter any product problems during use, we will also give you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours!


Step 1. Cleanse face and let dry

Step 2. Apply to active breakout zones (forehead, nose, chin, and both cheeks.)

Step 3. Peel off in 6-8 hours (you'll see the gunk).

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